Jul 152012

gebo habibi is track number four from Hind’s latest album, titled as uncreatively as all her previous albums, “2012 Hind”.

Hind (real name Suhair) is a regional star from Bahrain whose work includes traditional sounding Arabic music, as well as Khaliji or Arabian Gulf music. She an attractive woman and can sing well, both of which have helped to propel her to stardom.

Hind’s latest album has 14 tracks. Some are romance songs, some sing the blues, and some are dance tunes. It’s a solid effort and presents traditional-sounding Arabic music with a modern flair.

Hind, who was born in Bahrain in 1979, is divorced and has one child named Abdullah. Her official website is www.hindworld.com.

Here’s the song, gebo habibi by Hind: