Ahlan wa Sahlan! This website brings together topics across the spectrum of Arabic music, from Morocco to Iraq, Egypt, the Sahara and the Arabian peninsula. At times I will simply write reviews of particular Arabic music albums, or even just my thoughts or impressions about a popular song.

At other times I explore Arabic music topics in detail, providing original information and also directing you to useful online resources such as Arabic music articles, Arabic music clips, and places to buy Arabic music.

In the History of Arabic Music pages I discuss such topics as the development of Arabic music from ancient Egypt, ancient Arabia and pre-Islamic days, through the golden age of Islam and Andalusia, the evolution of the orchestral musical style of the twentieth century, and the rise of Egypt as the epicenter of Arabic music. I even explore such topics as the role of women in Arabic music historically.

In the Legendary Arabic Musicians pages I take a detailed look at the great Arabic musicians and singers of the twentieth century, such as Abdel Halim Hafez, Umm Kalthoum, Farid Al Attrach and Mohammed Abdel Wahab.

I also have a Contemporary Arabic Musicians section that focuses on the popular modern singers like Amr Diab, Nancy Ajram, Hanan and others.

I will be digging into some of the new contemporary Arabic music styles, like Arabic rock music and Arabic hip hop.

What makes Arabic music unique? Look at the pages on the Unique Characteristics of Arabic Music, or even particular Arabic instruments like the Oud.

Is Arabic music all the same? Actually there is a huge variety of musical styles across the Arab world, and I take an in-depth look at that in our Arabic Music by Country section, with pages on Egyptian Music, Palestinian Music, Saudi Arabian Music, Algerian Music (including Kabylian folk music and Rai music) and Iraqi Music.

There are some unique content pages on this site, such as the page on Arabic wedding music. In researching this topic I found that there is very little information available on the internet. I had to research very thoroughly, pulling together information on a wide variety of sources, and relying on my own personal knowledge of the subject. As a result, I think my page on Arabic wedding music is probably the best treatment of the subject on the web right now.

Among the other topics discussed or coming soon on the website are Lebanese music, Moroccan music (including amazigh music), Egyptian wedding music, Palestinian wedding music, aljeel or aljil music, Islamic music and nasheeds, Christian Arab music, Arabic music ringtones, and where to buy Arabic music CDs and songs, or just listen to Arabic music and watch Arabic music clips.

I will be adding articles on a wide variety of Arabic music topics, and we will be adding photos too, so bookmark this site and check back often. Enjoy!

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